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Actor Coach: Cédric Gallez

It was at the age of 8, when he discovered Jean-Paul Belmondo in "L'homme de Rio", that Cédric felt the clear desire to become an actor. Nevertheless, after 7 years of training at the Academy, he turned to radio animation for 4 years, a stage that he still considers today as a great school, where listening, speaking and improvisation were rigorously solicited. He then worked as a photo model while training in different playing methods (Stanislavski, Meisner, Brecht). He then experimented with hidden cameras for RTL-TVI, humoristic capsules (Comik Tv), dubbing (light and voice), but also short and medium-length films, including "La ligne" by Jérôme Jacob (Media Short Corner Cannes 2012), "Cats don't" by Webbit Films (advertising/short film for LE FANAL DES ANIMAUX), "Between me and her" by Agnieszka Jewtuch (post-production), and theatre (La nuit des fauves, by Gaëline Kalis and Gaëtan Faucer). At the same time, he takes a very close interest in writing and works on his first screenplay "Père et impair" (Father and Odd). But his biggest project remains the creation of his theatre workshop " LA PASSION DU COMEDIEN " where he allows young actors to try out different methods of acting while putting them to work on parallel projects, in theatre and/or cinema. But, in his own words, the best is always yet to come and it is with his coach "John Flanders" who has been following him for 4 years that he decides to train for this profession.

"That's what we're all amateurs are, we never live long enough to be anything else."

(Charles Chaplin)

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