CV: Jérôme Campion

Actor - Director - Producer

Nationality: Belgian
Age: 30 - 40
Phone: +32479746625

Address :

Rue du Bon Pasteur 60 Bte 11

1140 EVERE - Belgium

page1image5803360    Experiences : 

Jérôme Campion

2019 : 

- Director and Short Film Producer : CASE

- Turning a capsule for a telecommunications and internal communication company (Proximus)

- Role Safety Officer: German Series


2018 :

- Director and Producer Short film: Persecution

- Role of a Policeman in the Short Film: Persecution

- Role of a Daddy in the Short Film: Birth (IAD)

2017 :

Jérôme Campion

- Silhouette in the movie Holylands as a friend of one of the main character's friends (English)

- Film appearances: The Pain (as a soldier), 3rd Wedding (as a friend of the cinema), School is over (as a teacher), Kursk (as a press representative to NATO)

2016 :

- Filming of a capsule for a telecommunications company (Proximus) broadcast on an economic channel (Canal Z) and on the Web


2019 :

- Filmmaker Raindance : Screenplay, Director, Producer, Story

2018 :

- Stella Adler Cycle: Face camera - Stage Action

Trainer: Philippe Cornette 

Acting in action movies: Working on disarming a knife, a revolver, street fighting, fencing, slapping, shooting someone by the hair, execution, etc.

Jérôme Campion

- Acting and directing workshops for film and television actors

Trainer: Béatriz Flores Silva

Theme The American Heritage
Training as an actor and director

2017 – 2019 :

- Stella Adler Cycle: Face camera

Trainer: Philippe Cornette

Working on the construction of a role on a feature film project and a television series. Preparation to play various situations such as drama, comedy, action, the actor in green key, sets and imaginary objects. Preparation for shooting, directing scenes in a professional set context. The stunt at the cinema, being caught in a fire, being stabbed, narrowly escaping from an explosion, etc.

2017 :

- Intensive theater course at the Florent course

Inventory of the technical and artistic aptitudes of the trainees, confidence-building exercises, acting, work on imagination, listening, movement, breathing and diction, work on classical, modern or contemporary theatre scenes, preparation for auditions.

Physical Description :

Jérôme CampionPhysical type: Caucasian
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Size: 178 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Sweater or t-shirt size: Medium (M)
Shoe size: 40
Glove size : Medium (M)
Chest circumference (at the height of the tip of the breasts): 90 cm
Waist circumference (at the height of the navel): 79 cm
Suit Size (Jacket / Trousers) : 44
Jeans Size: 29-32
Beard or moustache: Moustache (can be cut)
Distinguishing mark(s): Slim
Hip circumference: 80 cm
Head circumference: 55 cm
Neck size: 36 cm
Back width: 36 cm
Shoulder-to-shoulder distance from back: 50 cm
Arm length (from shoulder to wrist): 56 cm
Arm stretched out, shoulder to wrist: 56 cm
From the waist to the ground (leg length): 100 cm
From the crotch to the ground: 80 cm
Ghent: M

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