Film - Jérôme Campion

Short film: CASE

Short Film Box

TYPE: Police officer DURATION : 16 mim


On 09 April 2019 at 03:09 am, a dead body was reported in the car park of a supermarket in Brussels. He was lying in a trash can. It was a hungry bum who made the gruesome discovery. The investigation must begin, but who's the victim? 

And who killed her?

Written and directed by Jérôme Campion

WITH Serge Pierre, Inge Theunissen, Sergio Bianconi, Ludiane de Brocéliande


PICTURE: Mathieu Haessler SOUND: Martin Dornic MAKE-UP: Clara Torregrossa EDITING: Antoine Castro MUSIC: Clément TROUVEROY PRODUCTION: iBPM Production: iBPM

With the support of : 

La Sabam, Screen Brussels, The city of Brussels, The commune of Ixelles, The commune of Saint-Gilles, The commune of, The STIB.

by Viva Themes.
iBPM Production