2020 - Jérôme Campion


Once upon a time...

In May 1984, it was born in Boussu in the region of Mons in Belgium. His father was a civil servant and his mother was a nursery nurse. He was the second son from a middle-class family. During his teenage years, his passion for music, deejing and fashion became ingrained in him. Little by little, he was able to equip himself with top-of-the-range turntables and mixing tables.

This allowed him to mix in many private parties, concerts and to go from amateur deejay to professional. After graduating in economics and management, he studied marketing at the Institut Supérieur Economique de MONS. In August 2003, he was lucky enough to be hired at Proximus in customer and commercial service for private customers.

After two years on a fixed-term contract, he was awarded an open-ended contract in Brussels. In April 2005, it was time for him to launch and found my own activity related to my passions. Originally, it was a question of being able to declare his performances as an artist (Deejay) and sell sound equipment.

He has had the opportunity to animate clothing range launches (Vera Moda), university evenings (ULB), inaugurations of public benches (Commune of Saint Gilles), "Télévie" day and many others throughout Belgium. With time, he moved to Brussels to continue to develop his training and activities.

He then turned his attention to the needs that artists could face such as lack of referencing, visibility, brand image exchange, secretarial work, booking management, etc. He also discussed the needs of artists in terms of the quality of their work. It is after this reflection that he decided to move towards artist management and become a representative agent. Offering services such as the creation of websites for these artists, he extended his activities to SMEs and non-profit organizations by launching "WEBAU (Web at You)".

This business was an advertising and marketing agency. It managed the internal and external communication of companies, creation of websites, mobile, online shops as a complementary freelancer. Its main objectives were to acquire new customers and create jobs. He developed a network of partners and tried to expand his activities internationally.

At the beginning of 2013, due to lack of time, he decided to temporarily stop his activities in order to devote more time to his private life. In the meantime, his professional career had developed in a main job, moving from the private department to the self-employed and SME department and then Corporate and then specialising in account management for companies and associations.

And then...

In 2016, he directed and produced the singles "Welcome @ The Hotel" and "Cocktail" in an Electro Lounge style. These are available on the main platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Deezer, etc.

As part of his job, he filmed a capsule for the Canal Z channel on the subject of "Broadband Internet" at the "Fondation Universitaire" in Brussels. Having developed a taste for filming locations, he knows how to register in different casting agencies. At the end of January 2017, he participated as an extra in a film directed by Emmanuel Finkiel with the actress Mélanie Thierry then in March as an extra in a film by David Lambert in the role of one of the friends of the main character who work like him in the cinema, namely Bouli Lanners, then in the role of a teacher with among others Grégory Fitoussi in order to play the role of a press relation with NATO with Colin Firth.

It was obvious for him to develop with a training in theatre and he opted for a training course at the Cours Florent. After having learned "to walk" in the roles of extras, then silhouette in English for a production by Amanda Sthers, he expressed himself on the set. In October, he started a first year of actor training for 8 months at the "Cycle Stella Adler Face Camera" with Philippe Cornette as trainer.

"We worked on the construction of a role on a feature film project and a TV series, preparation to play the various situations such as drama, comedy, action, the actor's work in Green Key, sets and imaginary objects, preparation for shooting, directing scenes in a professional setting, stunts in the cinema, being caught in a fire, the unexpected, getting stabbed, narrowly escaping an explosion, etc.". 

In parallel to this training, he participated in a workshop: "The American Heritage: Robert Lewis Method" supervised by Beatriz Flores Silva during 8 weeks with the roles of director and actor.

On February 19, 2018 he released his first 11-track album, called: "In the Movie", based on film music, credits and commercials that he directed and produced. In June, after shooting a short film at the IAD (Ecole Supérieure des Arts) in the role of a father of a deaf girl, he attended a film workshop with an action theme. This ended with the shooting of his own short film "Persecution" for which he wrote the script, the dialogues and directed. In September 2018, he began a second year of training as an actor in front of the camera and is preparing to direct his second short film "Case".

In January 2019, he trained as a filmmaker with the aim of obtaining a diploma at the renowned international school of Raindance in Brussels. In the same year, he had the opportunity to get a role in a German series "TSOKOS".

Then, the first day of shooting of the short film "Case" took place on May 17, 2019. Post-production and promotion will follow in early 2020. Case is currently registered with 13 festivals.

In March 2020, following a restructuring, he decided to leave Proximus to work full time as an actor, director and producer at iBPM Production. After the arrival of the COVID 19 virus, he proposed to his actor friends to take part in a web series created 100% remotely with the title C MWA. During this period, he was to be the director and producer of a semi-feature film 'A wisg Unwished' which is currently under construction and should be shot in 2021. In the meantime, he has formed different teams and is preparing a new webseries about new encounters in post-confinement.

Adept of trainings, he was interested between July and August 2020 in the function of COVID-19 referent on film sets and obtained a certification recognized by Screen Brussels, 360 Solution and Wallimage. Thanks to Sabam, he was able to take part in a screenwriting course. 

It is after a long reflection and preparation that Com Unique (communication agency) was born in September 2020. In parallel to the creation of back services, descriptions and prices, he and his team developed a logo and a graphic charter and a new website. The first and main service is the creation or modernization of website available and adapted to PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

To be continued...

by Viva Themes.
iBPM Production