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Short film : CASE

Ludivine Hardy de Buisseret, 1st Production Assistant

  • How did you end up in the film business?

I arrived in the world of audio-visual as a tourist after studying psychology at the ULB. For a few years, I had let an idea for a screenplay mature with the deep desire to make the film I had in mind. After my studies, I decided to enroll in the training that seemed to me the shortest and most complete possible to learn how to make a film with the means at hand. The training was focused on documentary and against all expectations, it was this environment that opened my arms.
I first looked for a place to do an internship and found myself in Jérôme Campion's team who offered me the role of production assistant. At the same time, I seized the opportunity to make a documentary in a professional way which I am currently working on.

  • Why do you want to work in this sector? What attracts you?

What attracts me to this environment is the irrepressible need to carry out the projects I have in mind and the pleasure of participating in the projects of others. I also discovered the joy of being part of a motivated and united team! I met passionate people who had dreams like mine and with whom I hope to share some projects in the future! 

  • Do you have an anecdote from the shooting to share with us?

It was kind of fun to see the backstage of the movie, we were clowns! Between Loubna who explained us the virtues of her stones and covered us with positive energy with greyish gray, Clara who commented on her photos of handsome guys or bikinis, the stupid puns with the title "CASE" written on the Clap... We were maybe a little CASE-foot, but we laughed a lot! 

  • Why do we have to go to CASE?

We haven't yet discovered the edited film, but I would say that going to see CASE is participating in giving visibility to a beautiful project that had the strength to bring people together, to give us experience and contacts. Jérôme is a driving force that created a caring work environment in which everyone felt respected and he was always careful to try to give us something back for our work. He gave us responsibilities based on what we were interested in and what could be professionally beneficial for each of us. 

By Lola Dubrunfaut

Short Film Box

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