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Short film : CASE

Axelle Blin, Production Assistant

  • How did you end up in the film business?

I landed in the film business thanks to a civic service where I had to organise film debates in prisons, schools etc. around a suitcase of 30 films. I got a taste for festivals, I did a lot of volunteer work. And then when I arrived in Brussels I applied for a job at a film production company where I am currently a reader. Also, my master's degree in Anthropology allowed me to turn towards Visual Anthropology and I started making my first documentary. 

  • Why do you want to work in this sector? What attracts you?

I like the mutual help there is in this area. You can be an amateur and find a lot of people who are willing to support you. I like to be able to travel into each other's truths through the cinema. 

  • Do you have an anecdote from the shooting to share with us?

Shooting for me was a first, I discovered all this side of making a fiction film. I really liked shooting in the parking lot but I preferred the private apartment because we knew each other better and hid in our kitchen with Ludivine and Lubna we had a good laugh in silence. I also met some very nice people!

  • Why do we have to go to CASE?

Case is a film that is worth being known for the team that formed around Jerome who had the makings of a perfect leader. We all came from different backgrounds, of different ages and professions and he was able to create a team around his project. It's the very example of a collaborative project. I learned a lot about the technique and I also learned a lot about myself. 

By Lola Dubrunfaut

Short Film Box

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