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Short film : CASE

Pierre Coppin, Photographer

  •   What is your professional background? How did you get into the film business?

I don't strictly speaking have a professional background in photography. But I've always been passionate about photography and after a 4-year course, I was able to acquire some experience by working in different fields of photography (imposed themes, industry and tourism).

I arrived in the film industry through Jérôme with whom I worked at Proximus and who knew of my interest in photography. As far as cinema is concerned, I had been able to take part in a 3-day course on the shooting of Nicolas Boukrief's film "LA Confession".

  •  What is the role of a photographer on a movie set?

For me the set photographer is in charge of taking pictures of the scenes of the film and its shooting during . These photos can be used for the promotion of the film, posters and press kit images. This part of the mission must be done in agreement with the director who defines the spirit of the pictures to be taken. He must also be part of the technical team and collaborate with them.

Beside this aspect, I think that the photographer must also have a personal vision that can serve as a memory of the off (landmark in the scenes) and the making of the shooting.

  • What do you like about the art of photography? Cinema?

Photography has always been a passion for me as I often repeat it is for me the art of a fixed glance on a fraction of time that will not come back any more; Photography is there to give birth to emotions, to record the range of the human feelings, the beauty of the earth which we inherited, the richness and the disorder that we created.

  •  What did you like about the CASE project?

I was seduced by Jérôme's request and I was able to discover a team that I would qualify as a professional amateur . Indeed the good mood, the camaraderie ... reigned on the different stages. There was a beautiful complicity between the technical teams and the actors. Although we were there to have fun and good time, I think that each of us put all his energy, experience and good will to achieve something that I hope well ( ... eager to discover that) Everyone played his role and did his best to be as professional as possible with the means we had ( we are not in Hollywood ... ).

I have found the experience very enriching in the encounters made... and that too is very important... 

Without hesitation, I'm up for new adventures.

By Lola Dubrunfaut

Short Film Box

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