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Short film : CASE

Sergio Bianconi: 2nd male role

  • What do you like about playing a role?

What I like is, first of all, the surpassing of oneself. You have to search deep inside yourself, the character's soul, his way of thinking, his way of acting, his way of moving,... and in each role it's a different search... that's what's exciting !!! We have to recreate the character's past, his back story... otherwise we couldn't play him 100%, it would sound false and not credible !!! I have to say it's a monster job, but I love it...! Hahaha... and when you get a good result, it's a great satisfaction...!

  • How did you take over David's role?

The role of David...? I haven't totally appropriated it yet...I received the script a week ago...I've already worked on it, but there's still a lot of research to do on it...but I think I'm on the right track ! Hahaha... besides, he seems to correspond to me in my dreams ...in his early 40's, married to a very beautiful woman... hahaha...!!! We'll see... I let the suspense hang... Anyway, I can't wait to be on the set !

  • Why this role and not another? 

Why would you...? But... uh, I didn't have much choice. Jay (or Jérôme) gave it to me...!! Hahaha... No ... but I'm really happy that he gave me this role, and that he trusts me... Besides, it's my first real role in a pro short film, so I'm taking... hahahaha... We won't complain about it...

  • What's the difference between singing and acting?

That's a very good question... thank you for asking...!!! There is no difference, for me these are two of my three passions, quite simply... For singing and guitar, I started to play, about 7 years ago in a self-taught way... as far as cinema is concerned, it's a little more recent... about a year ago in a very serious way that I launched myself to the limit... but I must say that the desire to be an actor came to me very young... unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity or the time at the time... marriage, kids... Now it's different, I have a lot more time, the kids are settled, and I'm single... it helps... So I'm enjoying myself now and believe me... I'm having fun...

By Lola Dubrunfaut

Short Film Box

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